Writing Your Businesses End of theYear Letter

As we get ready to close out the year it does not go unnoticed how much communication revolves around the Holidays. Christmas Cards, family letters and photos arrive from across the miles to bring good tidings of great joy and the sentiments for a prosperous new year.

Maybe now is a good time to start writing your businesses first annual “End of the Year Letter”. Once the presents are opened and kids are playing with their toys, grab some hot cocoa and the new journal Santa gave you and let’s go! Don’t know where to start? How about answering questions like these;

  • How did we finish for the year?
  • Did we stay on track?
  • Did we move ahead?
  • Accomplish any initiatives and turn them into “Action Plans”?
  • Approve any “Adopted Policies”?

Whether you did or did not do these things, you know you were intentional and you probably can reflect on how busy you were. Think through your “busy” and determine if you feel any of it mattered. What were the “High-Five” moments and who did you enjoy working with. Which projects moved forward and which stalled and why? There is a lot to think about and reflect on. Be objective with your “Year End Review” and highlight what makes you smile.

Next, take a highlighter and “highlight” those things that keep standing out and determine if you would like to put more thought into them. Maybe you’re ready for a “business advance session” on that particular item. What changes could be made to lighten and brighten the days ahead. Instead of just going back to work after the holidays, maybe it’s going back to make a difference in your work throughout the coming year!

Thanks for taking a moment to give your work a “review” by writing an “End of the Year End Letter.” Here’s the challenge; Put it in an envelope, address it to yourself, stamp it, then mail it. Let it be the first letter you open in the New Year! It’s the first step to creating “Your One Powerful Voice”.

Communicating to make a Difference,
Melody and Jody
-Project Developers; “Your One Powerful Voice”