Capture communication quickly with and for a purpose. Build an Action Plan!


We start with the end in mind usually over a cup of coffee. We are asked constantly to help individuals, organizations and businesses to evaluate their communication strategies and determine their messaging. Basically, they want our help to create their “Narrative”. What does that look like? Well, when it is all said and done, it resonates itself into some sort of Action Plan. It might take on the form of the following:

  • A Resolution
  • An Initiative
  • A Business Planning Session
  • Writing Press Releases or Journal Article
  • A Strategic Plan
  • An Ad Campaign
  • An Authored Book
  • An Interpretive Sign Strategy
  • Developing an Education Conference

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[accordion title=”What does it take to help a group find their “One Powerful Voice”?”]
We have to take into consideration the group’s dynamics, their sphere of influences, the historical narratives and culturally relevant attitudes. Information collides, stalls and moves universally defining each of us. Here’s an example: If one part of the group doesn’t work with social media, we equip or partner them with someone who has the knowledge or who has the information.

  1. We provide the “National Geographic” look at a subject or conversation; conversing and working with the individuals or the board of directors until themes begin to appear and initiatives are derived from the motions being approved.
  2. We work their information into well- orchestrated and organized formats after a sequence of queries have taken place. It’s the old fashion interview system on steroids.
  3. We work fast. Quick relevant discernment bridges the cultures of knowledge. In many cases, it’s one generation interacting with the next abstracting the facts from documents in a spirit of dialogue to determine the Picture or the Message. Life Magazine did its best with photography showing us visually what was happening to us or what has happened. We do the same with our strategic development.
  4. We work until we know the group is Collaborating to Create a Credible Resource of Influence!

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When we chart a course of direction and establish the points of reference for an individual or organization’s communication plan, then we’ve made an impact. We’ve set the action plan and timeline and now they have a compass.

Having the group hear the communication they have worked through and queried is very rewarding. It’s then we can say, that’s it!” It’s yours! This is “Your One Powerful Voice.”


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