Definition of Your One PowERFUL Voice (noun).

  • Factually queried information organized for distribution and given consideration for conviction. A testimony that leaves no room for doubt.
  • Combine sets of distinctive yet complimentary communication skills, based on like values and expertise, to produce a message of “intended effects” through a means or medium of expression.

Your voice and expertise are valuable.

Educate. Advocate. Collaborate.

Organization, structure and timelines can breathe life back into businesses or institutions that recognize the need to update systems, ideas and concepts to stay culturally relevant.  Facilitating a strategic planning session or event with our clients often helps divert dissension, gets them back on track and advance them to their next level of excellence.  Better yet, an adopted plan to begin moving in a direction of growth is the oxygen needed to breathe life back into a business or project that may have become stalled, stuck, stagnate, or downright stinky.

Don’t let this happen. Get things moving in the right direction for your business, organization or entire community by joining in the narrative.

Collaboration in Action is Powerful

It starts with conversations and ends in an Action Plan.

The end result will be more capacity and sustainability through a collection of real stories and experiences that influence change. Everyone can contribute.

Affect Change and Create Focus within Several Areas.

  • A Resolution
  • An Initiative
  • A Business Planning Session
  • Writing Press Releases or Journal Article
  • A Strategic Plan
  • An Ad Campaign
  • An Authored Book
  • An Interpretive Sign Strategy
  • Developing an Education Conference…and on and on it goes.

So what is Your One Powerful Voice?

Well, it starts with you.  Find your voice and be part of the conversation.


You’re not alone on your journey. We can be your guides.

When we chart a course of direction and establish the points of reference for an individual or organization’s communication plan, then we’ve made an impact.  We’ve set the action plan and timeline and now they have a compass.  Having the group hear the communication they have worked through and queried is very rewarding.  It’s then we can say, that’s it!”  It’s yours!  This is “Your One Powerful Voice.”

Fast facts about Jody and Melody

A Creative Team from America’s Prairieland

Our leadership development helps individuals understand their strengths, roles and ability to establish and achieve goals by having a collective powerful voice for influence. more >

Here’s just one example of Powerful Collaboration!

The Great American Wheat Harvest Documentary in Production

January 6, 2014
Coming in the spring of 2014… the documentary will tell the saga of America’s harvest crews, who cut deep furrows through 10 states, not only with the wide swaths that their combines and harvest machinery have sculptured the prairies with, but... more »

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